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quinta-feira, 16 de maio de 2013

Os Livros que leio / The Books I read: A longa Viagem da Biblioteca dos Reis / The Long Journey of the Kings Library

Comecei esta semana a ler um livro que me foi oferecido no meu aniversário, há dois anos atrás, intitulado “A longa Viagem da Biblioteca dos Reis – Do Terremoto de Lisboa à Independência do Brasil” da autoria de Lila Moritz Schwarcz, uma antropóloga brasileira.

O livro data de 2007 e a editora é a Assírio & Alvim.

Ainda pouco posso falar sobre o livro pois apenas li a apresentação e parte do primeiro capítulo. Contudo há aqui um cruzamento entre a história de Portugal, do Brasil e das Bibliotecas. Temas mais do que interessantes para despertar a minha atenção.

Digitalizei a capa e a contracapa para vos mostrar este livro, composto por 558, [2] páginas, sendo a maior parte de texto, mas também apresenta muitas ilustrações.

Desconheço se há alguma versão noutra língua, mas independentemente disso apresento este livro também em inglês, quem sabe o meu humilde blogue pode incentivar a tradução desta obra.
Um dia destes volto a falar deste livro e provavelmente já terei mais para vos contar a mostrar.

Digitalização da Capa / Digitization of the Cover

Digitalização da Contracapa / Back Cover Digitalization

I started this week reading a book that was offered to me on my birthday two years ago, entitled "The Long Journey of the Kings Library - Earthquake Lisbon the Independence of Brazil" authored by Lila Moritz Schwarcz a Brazilian anthropologist.

The book of 2007 and the publisher is the Assyrian & Alvim.

Still little can talk about the book read as only the presentation and part of the first chapter. However here is a cross between the story of Portugal, Brazil and the Libraries. Themes more than interesting to arouse my attention.

I scanned the front and back to show you this book, consisting of 558, [2] pages, with the bulk of the text, but also presents many illustrations.

Do not know whether there is any version in another language, but regardless I present this book in English, maybe my humble blog can encourage the translation of this work.

Someday'll get back to this book and probably will have more to tell you the display.

Texto incluído na contracapa / Text included on the back cover:

First of November 1755, the day of All Saints. The population of Lisbon is ready to live another peaceful day holiday, without imagining the evil that came from the earth. Within hours, a devastating earthquake followed by tsunami and fire, destroy the capital of the Empire, and with it, his famous Royal Library, fruit of books assembled by Portuguese monarchs for centuries.

The narrative of the long journey from the library of Kings starts from that episode and covers key events in Brazilian history, always through the books. The anthropologist Lilia Schwarcz accompanies the reconstruction of the acquis in the hands of the Marquis of Pombal, the uncertain times d. Mary I, the harrowing moment the royal family fled - that crossed the Atlantic for the first time - and the vicissitudes of his new life in the tropics, to reach the Brazilian independence process - when paid, and much, by the Royal Library.

The books, however, allow for more: they are symbols of power and prestige, bearing gifts and allow travel in time and space. To evade Portugal, d. John did not forget the library - which came in three successive trips - as well as d. Peter I did not give up the works and gloss that they guaranteed: nothing like starting a stand-alone story with a National Library of this size to ensure a past and give scholarship to a country newly emancipated.

The long journey Library Kings remade many journeys and shows how, through grumpy librarians, selected works, rare illustrations and many classification systems, one can tell another story in the same country

Até Já / See you soon

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